medium_Logo30EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT involves tapping on various points on the face and body and using affirmations. EFT is an effective tool that you can easily learn and use yourself, to enhance treatment in between appointments, so you gain the ability to help yourself.

During a Treatment

you will use the EFT Basic Recipe to reduce and remove specific unwanted emotions. By tapping with your own fingers on energy meridian points, blocks and restriction in the energy system are removed allowing energy to flow as it should. The “Discovery Statement” of EFT states that “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system” Tapping removes this disruption and the negative emotion is gone. Its simple easy so give it a try.

Benefit’s of Using EFT

EFT in Peterborough is overcoming anxiety fears phobias aches pains and cravings. Once learned it can be used to free yourself of any unwanted emotions when ever you wish. Good results are often achieved in a few minutes. EFT often works where other things stuggle to give results. It is Ideal for treatment of fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking or on the other hand some people use it to improve their golf score. It has a very wide range of uses.

EFT was developed by Gary Craig

who after learning TFT thought field therapy came up with a “basic recipe” which is effective and easy to learn and use. The EFT web site emofree.com, see link, offers a free manual to download and a wealth of information and examples of sucessful use of EFT. Need some help to get started and tap away those issues?


Contact me for an appointment. Cost £30.00 (1hr)