Stress and Emotions


Problems with  Stress and Emotions

 Kinesiology can help you

Need more Confidence and Inner strength?

Kinesiology is great for this



   Kinesiology uses Muscle testing to find out what is needed to give you the strength energy and awareness to overcome or cope with your problems and move forward in life.


Releasing Emotional Baggage

This is easily done using a number of techniques including  “The Body Code”  “The Emotion Code” “Pathway Balancing Kinesiology  Manuals for Healing the Body and for Healing the Soul”  E.F.T. and Reiki

You will be amazed how relaxed you are at the end of the session

An Energy Balance once a month makes a real difference to Stress Levels

Plus you can learn simple practices to help reduce stress for yourself


! hour £30


E.F.T Discovery Statement

The cause of all negative Emotions

is a disruption of the bodies energy system