Kinesiology and Mental Health



Stress and Emotions


Problems with  Mental Health, Stress and Emotions?

Both Face to Face


 The Kinesiology Wellness Program can help you

Need more Confidence and Inner strength?

The Kinesiology is Great for this

 Kinesiology uses Muscle testing to find out what is needed to give you the strength energy and awareness to overcome or cope with your problems and move forward in life.


The Wellness Program

Over the last four years I have developed the skills of “Remote Muscle Testing and Energy Balancing” and am pleased to now be able to offer this to a limited number of clients. I am calling it. “The Wellness Program”

This is ideal for Mental Health problems and for people who live busy and stressful lives. Would you like some outside help to cope with the stress of day to day living.

The “The Wellness Program” includes me checking and where required restoring energy flows in; the flow of 5 Elements; Balancing and opening the Chakra’s; and if time allows, to work with Energy and Emotions. Being balanced in these areas increases energy levels and greatly reduces stress, increases confidence and helps us to cope better with everyday things. The effects are cumulative. It is so much easier to start a new day when some of the burden of the day before has been energetically removed.

The “The Wellness Program” includes Twenty energy checks and balances a month and also includes sending some reiki to your situation and using Supercoherence Frequencies to help with relationships and issues you record on your Registration Form.

Because of the super efficient and quick way of working I have developed this is now available at a cost of just £30 per month

As a bonus you can text or email me for an energy check and balance any time you have high stress or high levels of negative emotions. Just state briefly what its about, how intense it is out of 10 and what and where you feel the emotion. I will then do a check and balance as soon as possible and reply to say it is done.

The “The Wellness Program” is available for a single month or on a regular basis by standing order. For more information or for a registration form please contact me by reply, phone or text


Releasing Emotional Baggage

This is easily done using a number of techniques including  “The Body Code”  “The Emotion Code” “Supercoherence Frequencies” “Pathway Balancing Kinesiology  Manuals for Healing the Body and for Healing the Soul”  E.F.T. and Reiki

You will be amazed how relaxed you are at the end of the session

An Energy Balance once a month makes a real difference to Stress Levels

Plus you can learn simple practices to help reduce stress for yourself


1 hour £30

Treatment is available by phone/Zoom


Face to Face

“The cause of all negative Emotions

is a disruption of the bodies energy system”