Stories that can change lives

Story of Creation

sky viewAn Infinite Source of wisdom, life and love created the heavens and the earth. Man is given dominion in this creation and everything is good. Harmony, balance, peace, joy and freedom are his.

Then the devil said he would make another creation. God said “what are you going to make it out of there is only me and what I have made”.

The devil said he would just LIE ABOUT  God and his expression and suggest there was bad, evil, death, hate, fear and so on.

When our thoughts and what we talk about are about the lies of the devil; evil, hate fear and lack and our actions are based on them or on defending against there effects, then life becomes stuck in patterns produced by these beliefs, and the problems they produce.

But when our thoughts words and actions are based on infinite qualities such as life, love, peace, joy, and freedom we begin to return to being the man of Gods creating and find our dominion on the earth.

Look at a genuine ten pound note and consider its value. It is worth ten pounds, but not because of the value of the paper or the ink it is made of. Its value is because of the gold in the Bank of England and the law which relates every genuine note to that gold.

Now consider a counterfeit note. It looks like the genuine note but because it has no relationship to the gold in the Bank it has no real value.

The gold here represents the infinite or the divine.

The genuine note represents our true being as human beings

The counterfeit represents the collection of beliefs in an opposite to the infinite. A mortal temporary sense. The lies of the devil.

If the genuine note is a bit worn or old it is still worth ten pounds and any shop will give you ten pounds worth of goods for it.

If it became very worn or damaged you can take it to the bank and it is replaced with a more serviceable or even a new note.

On the other hand the counterfeit note has no value and when recognised is not accepted in exchange for goods. If taken to the bank it is taken and nothing given in return.

With Life to support the body the value of the body is safe in the infinite. It is like the genuine note and shows forth the value of the infinite

But if the value of the body is thought to be in the finite like the paper and the ink. Life becomes an endless process of caring for what is a counterfeit or false sense of self.


How do we Identify Ourselves and Others

If someone made a mistake about your identity and began to make demands from you. Would you pay them and meet their demands or would you say No there has been a mistake and none of this has anything to do with me. I am sure as soon as you established your true identity all demands would be withdrawn. No matter what evidence they had to prove their claim non of it would have anything to do with you.

Some questions to consider here are.  Are you finite and material or are you spiritual and eternal or can you be a mixture of both?

If you are a spiritual and eternal being can you somehow prove it to yourself or others and escape demands such as disease lack and dis-harmony?

To gain a sense of how we could be spiritual and not finite and material consider a television tuned into a channel. It has images on the screen. We all know that these images have a source and are transmitted by a signal which when tuned into appears as a picture on the screen. If we did not know this and we saw ourselves on the screen it might be tempting to start drawing on the screen to try to take control of the picture which we believe makes up our life. And we would probably try to rub parts out we did not want. The problem is that everyone else is drawing on the same screen and rubbing bits out as well. The whole picture is a competition for control of our place in the picture. After a time what was drawn on the screen would hide the images the source was generating and have little resemblance to them.

I see part of human experience as imaging forth divine qualities from a Universal Source of infinite intelligence life and unconditional love. This image appears as our normal healthy function, our supply, as the joy peace freedom life and love we feel. The image of these qualities is always available to be expressed, its source is Universal and its signal is life. On the other hand disease, lack, limitation, fear, unhappiness and so on are the result of believing that the picture drawn on the screen is who we are and has value and then using this as a basis for our choices.

Often the best choices are made when we can find the places within us where there is love peace and happiness and then respond to the drama of what appears on the surface.  It does not matter how much you draw on your television screen you will never have any effects on the signal or its source.

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Perfect Diamond

When we are born into a finite body on Earth it is like a layer of cling film is placed on a perfect diamond and the patterns of light from source are displayed on this film.

Each day a new layer of film is placed around the diamond and the opportunity to draw on the film and to distort or adjust the patterns formed by the light allows the finite beliefs of others to be taken on by the young child.

As the child grows up layers are added and the perfection of the diamond the light and its reflection are hidden. Life becomes a process of dealing with the film and what is drawn on it. The light and the patterns it produces are taken for granted or thought to belong to the film.

To return to harmony peace joy abundance health freedom and the expression of spiritual qualities the need is to understand you are the perfect diamond and to recognize these qualities are present now as patterns of light from Source forever available to be reflected by you the perfect diamond. This recognition removes the film and its false temporary picture of things to reveal the true patterns of the individual. Your true patterns are always shown forth as a healthy body and a balanced life which can include any quality you desire.


Take a smallish gem to represent You the Perfect Diamond. next take some cling film and start to wrap the gem in layers. You can add paper cuttings of past experiences or notes of limiting belief you no longer want if you like. Just keep adding layers until your ready to strip off the layers to reveal the Perfect Diamond again. When the layers are removed look at the Diamond and the “stuff” you have removed and dispose of the old stuff

How fast are you going

Look at how fast you can go. Walking 4 mph, by car a hundred mph (don’t get caught going this speed), by plane four hundred mph. To move at these speeds requires effort and expense. Now be aware of that the world is rotating around every day. Those near the Equator are travelling at 1000mph. Become aware that the earth travels around the Sun at over 30,000mph Many things happen in our bodies and in our lives without our conscious control as though there is a natural flow of the Universe. Become aware of this Universal flow and begin to trust in it.


The Wemmick Story, 
by: Max Lucado, You Are SpecialThe Wemmicks were small wooden people. These little wooden people were carved by a woodworker named “Eli.” Eli’s workshop sat on a hill overlooking the Wemmick Village. Every one of the Wemmicks were different. Some had big noses, others had large eyes. Some were tall and others were short. Some wore hats, others wore coats. But all were made by the same carver and all lived in the same village.All day long, every day, the Wemmicks did the same thing. They gave each other stickers. Each Wemmick had a box of golden star stickers and a box of dull gray dot stickers. Up and down the streets all over the city, people could be seen sticking gold stars or gray dots onto each other. The pretty ones, those with smooth wood and fine paint, always got shiny gold stars! But if the wood was rough or the paint was chipped, the Wemmicks gave dull gray dots. The talented ones got stars, too. Some could lift big sticks high above their heads or jump over tall boxes. Still others knew big words or could sing very pretty songs. Everyone gave them shiny gold stars! Some Wemmicks had stars all over them! Every time they got a star it made them feel so good that they did something else and got another star.There were many other Wemmicks though that could do very little. They got dull gray dots! There was one little Wemmick and his name was “Punchinello.” He tried to jump high like the others, but he always fell. And when he fell, the others would gather ’round and give him dull gray dots. Sometimes when he fell, it would scar his wood, so the people would give him more gray dots. He would try to explain why he fell and, in doing so, he would say something really silly. Then the Wemmicks would give him some more dots!!!After a while, Punchinello had so many dots that he didn’t want to go outside. He was afraid he would do something dumb such as forget his hat or step in the water, and then people would give him more dull gray dots. In fact, he had so many gray dots that some people would come up and just give him one without any reason! “He deserves lots of dots,” they would say. The wooden people would agree with one another. “He’s not a good wooden person,” they would say. After a while Punchinello believed them. “I am not a good Wemmick!” he would say. The few times he went outside, he hung around other Wemmicks who had a lot of gray dots. At least he felt better around them.

One day, Punchinello met a Wemmick who was unlike any he’d ever met. She had no dull gray dots and did not have any shiny golden stars either. She was a wooden Wemmick and her name was “Lucia.” It wasn’t that people didn’t try to give her stickers; it’s just that the stickers didn’t stick to her!!! Some admired Lucia for having no dots, so they would run up and give her a star. But it would fall off. Some would look down on her for having no stars, so they would give her a dot. But they would not stick either!!!

“That’s the way I want to be!” thought Punchinello. “I don’t want anyone’s marks!” So he asked the “stickerless” Wemmick how she did it. “It’s easy,” Lucia replied. “Every day I go see Eli.” Punchinello asked,”Eli? Who is Eli?” She replied “Yes, Eli, He is the woodcarver. I sit in His workshop and spend time with Him.” He asked Lucia,”Why do you do that?” Lucia told him, “Why don’t you find out for yourself? Go up the hill and visit with Him. He’s there!” And with that, the sweet little Wemmick named Lucia turned and skipped away.

“But He won’t want to see me!” Punchinello cried out to her. Lucia didn’t hear him, as she was too far away. So Punchinello went home. He sat near a window and watched the wooden people as they scurried around giving each other gold stars and gray dots. “It’s just not right,” he muttered to himself. Then he resolved to go see Eli after all. Punchinello walked up the narrow path to the top of the hill and stepped into the big Woodcarver Shop. His little wooden eyes widened at the size of everything. The stool was as tall as he was. He had to stretch on his tippy-toes to see the top of the workbench. A hammer was as long as his arm. Punchinello swallowed hard and thought to himself, “I’m not staying here!” and he turned to leave. Then he heard his name. “Punchinello?” said this voice, so deep and strong. Just then Punchinello stopped. The voice said, “Punchinello, oh how good it is of you to come! Let me have a look at you.”

Punchinello slowly turned around and looked at the large bearded craftsman and said, “Sir, you know my name?” “Of course I do. I made you,” Eli said. All of a sudden, Eli stooped down and picked little Punchinello up and set him on the workbench. “Hmmmmm,” the Maker spoke thoughtfully as he inspected the gray circles all over him, “Looks like you’ve been given some bad marks.” Punchinello explained,”Oh, Eli, I didn’t mean to; really I didn’t!!! I really tried hard not to.” The Maker said, “Oh, you don’t have to defend yourself to me, my child. I don’t care what the other Wemmicks think.” Punchinello asked, “Really? You don’t?” Then Eli said, “No and you shouldn’t either. Who are they to give stars or dots? They are Wemmicks just like you. What they think really doesn’t matter at all, Punchinello. All that matters is what I think. And I think you are pretty special.” Punchinello laughed, “Oh, me special? How can I be special? I can’t walk fast. I can’t jump. My paint is peeling. I make silly mistakes all the time and I am not a beautiful Wemmick like some of the others. How could I matter to you?” Eli looked at Punchinello and put his hands on those little wooden shoulders of his and spoke very slowly, “Because Punchinello… you are mine. That’s why you matter to me.” Punchinello had never had anyone look at him like this before or say anything so nice, much less his Maker! He didn’t know what to say!

“Punchinello, every day I’ve been waiting and hoping you would come to see me,” Eli explained. Punchinello looked up at him and said, “I came because I met a sweet Wemmick girl who had no marks.” Eli said, “I know. Lucia told me about you.” So Punchinello asked, “Why don’t the stickers stay on Lucia?” Eli said, “Because she has decided that what I think is more important than what anyone else thinks. The stickers only stick if you let them.” Punchinello looked puzzled and said, “What?” Eli said, “Yes, the stickers only stick if they matter to you. The more you trust My love, the less you will care about those stickers.” But Punchinello said, “I’m not sure I really understand. What you are saying?” The maker said, “You will, but it will take some time. You’ve got a lot of marks. So for now, just come to see me every day and let me remind you how much I care about you.” Eli lifted Punchinello off the bench and set him on the floor. “Now remember,” Eli said as the Wemmick walked out the door. “You ARE special because I made you, and I don’t make mistakes.”

Punchinello didn’t stop, but in his heart he thought, “I think He really means it.” And each time he remembered what Eli told him and each time he went to visit and talk with Eli, one of Punchinello’s dots would fall off. They kept falling off and soon they were all gone!!!

So like Punchinello, we must remember one thing: “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” (I Samuel 16:7)