Law of Attraction

The Secret to Prosperity, Health, Relationships and Happiness

medium_DVDMOVIE2_tWhat is The Law Of Attraction?

Basically it’s “What you put out comes back to you” That your thoughts and feelings send messages to the Universe and the Universe makes what ever you focus on available to be attracted to the future.

How can I use this to help me

The law of attraction is ever at work. Being aware of it gives us the opportunity and encouragement to focus on what we would like to have and experience rather than putting our attention onto what we don’t want. An example is to think about health rather than focus on illness. Its just as easy to think “I want to be healthy” than to think “I don’t want to be ill” but in one example the focus is heath and the other on illness. To desire something will attract it to you. If you then take some action towards your desire and expect it to happen feel grateful as if it already has you will see the beneficial results of this universal law. You can easily make a list or a vision board with photos etc of what you want to achieve. Then spend a little time each morning and evening desiring and imagining you have these things. The DVD or book “The Secret” is a good place to find out about the Law of Attraction

Being clear about what you want is a great start to using the Law of Attraction to get what you want and achieve what you want.

The Universe is ready and willing to provide whatever we desire and focus on but sadly we are often brought up to focus on what we don’t want and so it gives us this instead. To get clear about what you want start with the phrase My life will be ideal when ………… and fill in the blank and don’t forget to include qualities like happiness, freedom etc as well as relationships and things. Keeping your thoughts positive will lift your emotions and start to attract better circumstances. Dwelling on problems will bring our emotions down and make them harder to solve.

A good method is to ; 1. Identfy the problem. 2. Decide what you want. 3. Make a plan of action. 4. Carry out the action. 5. Expect the result you want

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