Reiki Courses Attunement to Reiki


Attunement to Reiki

medium_kids_048Makes this Universal Life Force available to you. After attunement just place your hands on or near yourself or others and.this Reiki energy restores balance and flow through the energy systems removing stresses aches pains and blocks which then allows the body to heal itself. Reiki is available at three levels Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. To learn how to pass attunements and teach Reiki requires additional training.

Reiki Courses in Peterborough

Each level is a two day course usually 9.30 to 16.30.for two to six people. and a two hour follow up meeting a few weeks later. During the course you will recieve, the attunements to the appropriate level, a manual containing the information given during the course and a certificate for that level after the follow up meeting. During the course alot of time is spent on practical uses of reiki by giving treatments to yourself and exchanging them with others. I am a member of the U.K. Reiki Federation which may be helpful if you consider the public practise of Reiki.

Benefits to the Student

With Level One your energy channels are opened and your ability to restore balance harmony and health is revealed to you. You learn how to treat yourself, family and friends, pets and plants, the history and Principles of Reiki, about energy and the body, and how to protect yourself from having your energy taken by others. All of the courses are designed to include time for practicing treatments. Receiving these treatments and the attunements gives you a real boost, clears blocks and allows healing to take place.

With Level Two you are introduced to Reiki sacred symbols which increase the flow of energy and allow you to send Reiki to someone from a distance. Also how to balance chakras, an introduction to dowsing, and more practice for giving treatments to others  and includes some details of National Occupational Standards.  Level Two is a practitioner level.

With Level Three the intensity is turned up again and an additional symbol is given. We make a closer study of the energy systems including the chakras, meridians and aura. Several specific techneque are taught which takes your treatments to another level. Reiki works in a much deeper way at level three and often accelerates changes in our lives and empowers our belief system. It becomes a greater influence in our lives.

Dates for Courses

Reik 1 Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th November 9.30 to 4.30

Reiki 2  Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22 September 2019 9.30 to 5.00

Reiki Share Thursday 7th November 2019 7.30

Please contact me for dates of future  Courses

Courses are for 2 to 6 people

Cost Level 1 £100.00

Cost Level 2 £120.00

Cost Level 3 £200.00

Courses are run from 9d Irving Burgess Close Whittlesey Peterborough PE71QB

To book a course please check on availability and then send your details and a £20.00 deposit